Sunday, 28 November 2010

Move over Gok Wan!

Forget Designer Vs High Street and say "hello" to High Street Vs Handmade

I found myself in Manchester city centre the other day wandering around the high street shops.  I was wondering why I used to think buying one of a kind and original items always cost a lot more than mass-produced high street stuff.  Yes-even with chinese/indian workers and economies of scale sometimes the nicest handmade, unique stuff you can get is cheaper or a similar price to something nice that a million other people will also be buying!  Also some super-unique stuff at the bottom that I doubt you can find in the high st at all!

So here are some (clickable-some only work when clicking on the price) examples of handmade/high st for those of you doing your xmas/hannukah/wintersolstice/winterwedding shopping and wanting something not mass produced:

£25 + £3 Postage
£28 + £4 Postage

£4.50 +£1.50 Postage
£6 free postage

£7 +£1 Postage
£10 + free postage

£2 +£1 postage
£2 + £3.25 Postage

Unique affordable things you won't find on the high street!
£17.95 +£2 postage

£24 +£1.70 postage

£10 + £1 postage

And my own piece made from newspaper yarn handspun from old newspaper and knitted into a heart!

£30 + £1.50 postage

And my super value handmade recycled wool brooch with donation to Oxfam - more on that later or in my Folksy shop.

£5.50 free postage - one donated to local oxfam shop for each brooch purchased

 If anyone else has any high st vs handmade comparisons email me and you can do a guest post!

Prices were correct at time of publishing.


  1. This is great - think you should tweet @Gok - might give him more inspiration when he's making his girls over and also taking on Brix.
    Did something a bit similar on my blog a whilse back, using handmade items to give a lift to charity shop buys - that seemed to work well too :-)

  2. What a great idea! Thank you for including my Meerkat borg, I'd certainly be VERY surprised to see something like that in the high street!

  3. Ooh, compared to Accessorize... look at me with my big head! Thanks for showing my necklace, all the handmades look fab compared with the mps and your newspaper yarn gets lovelier every time I look at it!

  4. What a great idea for a theme. Worked really well. Linda

  5. Well written blog with some lovely choices - your newspaper heart is amazing! Thank you for including my snowdrops!


  6. What a fabulous idea for a blog!! Brilliant stuff!

    Coralee x

  7. What a lovely selection! I for one have bought the majority of my Christmas gifts from Folksy, so we are having a handmade Christmas!

    Jacqueline x

  8. Brilliant idea. Loving that my butterfly confetti is v's Paperchase!

  9. Great post! It really makes you think.